I have been called, "crazy" more than once for wanting and having a natural childbirth. Although we are the minority, I am not alone. Read what a few of my students/friends have to say when asked,"WHY NATURAL CHILDBIRTH?"

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"We want a natural birth first and foremost to preserve the health and well being of mother and baby. Obviously, we are not opposed to medical interventions- but only when absolutely necessary and in the best interest of mother or baby. We believe birth is inherently a natural process and that God created women for this very purpose- of course He would supply them with the ability to do it without drastic interventions! We hope that by giving birth naturally, we will allow baby to have the best possible start to life. Besides- epidurals and episiotomies and internal fetal monitors (etc)... scary stuff!!!"-Lindsey and Greg

"We wanted the full experience of giving birth the natural way, like our Mother's had. We wanted as few interventions as possible for the health of Mom and Baby."-Lindsay

"I wanted be supportive of my wife against often unneeded and expensive medical interventions."-Randy

" It is the healthiest option for mother and baby"-Laura and Matt

"Because that is the way God intended it. He designed a woman's body to have a baby, it is completely natural. So why would you want to have an un-natural childbirth?"-Jessica

"My body was designed for this miraculous event. Given the right conditions-good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, exercise, etc-my body knows exactly what to do with the new person growing inside me. A pregnancy and a birth are not medical conditions, so why treat them as such? It's about experiencing birth, not just going through it."-Michelle

"I believe childbirth is a natural and beautiful process, and I wanted my own experience to reflect that. My mother had all her children un-medicated, and it was important for me to attempt the same. I myself had never been hospitalized before the birth of my son, and I wanted (as much as was possible) to not feel like I was in a hospital requiring a lot of medical attention."-Heidi

"My dad is a chiropractor, and I’ve lived a true HEALTHcare philosophy from the time I was born. Michelle and I both realize that we have choices to make when it comes to our bodies and that of our baby, and we want to choose the absolute best path for our family. We will not be sheep like much of society is today, just doing what you are told by your M.D. or someone else who “knows best.” WE make the decisions based on educated investigation. We will not succumb to the fear that drives the medical machine. With hospital births, nearly every intervention is not only unnecessary, but can be detrimental to the health of Michelle and/or our baby. We want to minimize the chances that any medical intervention will be used, and we do realize that we will use those medical methods if there is a definite need to do so. With every intervention, we need to weigh the benefits and risks and decide for ourselves what is right. God created us to be healthy in the first place, naturally. Medical philosophy (or lack thereof) does not trust that the birth process and subsequent raising of a child can be done without allopathic intervention. We believe that drugs or surgery is the last step to take, not the first. We plan to allow our baby the opportunity to be as healthy as it can possibly be, right from the start. Also, one of the best things about a home birth is that we can take our time and do things our way, without pressure or fear projected from nurses or doctors."-Dr. Dan

"After years of enduring maximum medical intervention in order to become pregnant, we wished to give my body the opportunity to accomplish what it was intended to, with minimal medical intervention."-Emily

Then I asked them, "Why did you chose the class you did?"

"Bradley® classes give more than quick, “what to expect” class."-Randy

"What impressed me most when researching the Bradley Method was that the husband is trained to be the coach. My husband knows me better than anyone, we are a team. Why would I want to do this on my own, without my teammate? He is really what got me through childbirth. And the Bradley Method taught him how to do that." -Jessica

"I wanted to be as prepared as possible for the birth of our child, and felt the comprehensive 12-week course would give us the knowledge we needed to reach our childbirth goals. I truly believe that many couples today are unprepared for what happens during labor and childbirth, and that this is what leads to many of the medical interventions that we hoped to avoid. A friend of mine also recommended the Bradley Method®, particularly because of the high percentage of “natural” births achieved by couples completing the course, and her own positive experiences with her class."-Heidi

"A friend suggested we take the class. My husband and I felt we would learn the most for a natural child birth by taking the this class."-Lindsay

"Shelley's Bradley® Class was very open for lots of great discussion on any part of labor. We came away from the class with a great understanding of the process of labor and felt more prepared and comfortable for the task ahead of us."
The class is a great way for Dads to get informed on how to play an active role in the birth of their child.-Calby

“Shelley is a supportive, knowledgeable instructor, and offered comprehensive information regarding the reasons (both positive and negative) for a wide range of childbirth-related medications and interventions. After completing her course, I felt confident in my ability to reach my natural childbirth goals and remained firm in my belief that I would be providing my child with the best entrance into this world as I possibly could!”-Heidi

"Shelley's passion and vast knowledge regarding the subject of natural birth was infectious and inspiring to us!!" -Emily