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Dear Friends,

When it comes to childbirth and being a mom there is just so much information out there. We are such busy people, I figured it would be helpful to give you some of my insight and to simplify for you. I am a list person, so I have put together some lists for you that I hope you find helpful.

I have also shared my thoughts and streamlined some research for you on pertinent mothering topics such as baby stuff, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, cooking (recipes), green living, parenting decisions (Doula, Homebirths, Vaccines, Chiropractors, Circumcision), and more!

I believe that it is important to support your local community and work together as much as possible, so I added some stuff just for my locals (both my old friends in MI and now my new ones here in PA). Please let me know if you have a great (you fill in the blank) that I should add to my list. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Thanks! Shelley

Here are a few of my , Community Partners

Health Reseach
World Health Organization WHO, Dr. Sears, Mercola
Natural Childbirth Providers
Choices in Childbirth , Natural Birth , Your Best Birth , Birth Partners , Mother Friendly Childbirth Classes
Parenting Choices
Spinning Babies
Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC)

List includes Local Natural Living, Birth and Baby Related Resouces as well as local business that I support. Please Click Here to access the resource list.

Here is a great local site for activities, reviews and events just for Chester County Moms

Here is a great site of a local midwife, Kate Rising Moon Midwifery
check out the resources on her site for a great comprehensive list.

Check out some of my local PA colleague's sites:

Rising Moon Midwifery
Cord Blood Banking
Eagle Chiropractic
Bailey Family Chiropractic
Living Well Chiropractic
Friends and students have highly recommended
The Birth Center in Bryn Mawr
The Birth Center in Wilmington
Reading Birth Center in Reading

AND here are some of my old MI colleague's sites:

Moms Essentials LLC
The Little Seedling Baby Store

Here are some Childbirth Links that you may find as a helpful resource

Here is my Recommended Reading List

Here is some of my thoughts on natural parenting choices that have blessed me and my family in my mothering journey!

Especially as a first time parent, it can be overwhelming thinking of all the STUFF you need/want for your baby.
Here are some of my thoughts on Baby Stuff


When I got pregnant I knew that having a baby would change my life, but I did not want a baby to keep me from getting things done. Baby wearing is great for bonding and very practical. It has helped me to keep the house clean, cook, shop, travel, and get both of my kids out of the car into wherever wearing a back pack, and bags in both hands! We totally recommend it and so do the professionals!
Here are some of my thoughts on Baby Wearing

“The bottom line is that choosing cloth diapers doesn't have to be a daunting prospect--it's simple, it's convenient, it's inexpensive. And it's the best choice you can make for the health of your baby, and of the planet.” The Joy of Cloth Diapers by Jane McConnell, Mothering Magazine. Here are some of my thoughts on Cloth Diapering


I always knew that when I had kids I would nurse them! It has been an awesome experience with all of my kids. I know that most of us face challenges with nursing but it is SO worth it for the whole family!
Here are some of my thoughts on Breastfeeding

We have always exercised, eaten healthy and recycled, but it was during my first pregnancy that really we started shifting toward more organic living. I figured that as a responsible parent, I needed to make my home safe in all ways and live as healthy as a life style as possible. We started making adjustments in our lives to avoid toxins, and make a greater effort to preserve our Earth. This takes discipline and often extra time and sometimes extra money, but it best for the entire family (and the our Earth!)
Here are some of my thoughts on Living Greener

I love to cook and I have a mother-in-law who is a fabulous cook, my two-sister-in-laws also do amazing work in the kitchen and my best friend in Seattle is always telling me about fabulous gourmet recipes. I am accumulating some healthy and some just straight up tasty treat recipes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I have also got some great recipes from my Bradley Method® childbirth students. Thanks to all who have shared their goodness in the kitchen!
Here are some great recipes.

Amber teething necklace copy
As parents it is our responsibility to make good choices for our our children. It can be really tough at times.
Here are few of my thoughts on
-chiropractic care
-VBAC and more

The American Academy of Pediactrics, Committee on Drugs has stated: “No drug or chemical- whether presciptioin, over-the-counter or food additive- can be regarded as having been proven to be entirely free of potential harm to the fetus.” Yet, the rate of drugged babies at birth in the U.S. today is about 98%.
Here are some of my thoughts on drugs

I found great hope and strength in the Scriptures as I prepared for my labors and I have looked to verses as I confront the challenges of how to raise my children and found much wisdom. I just thought I would pass it on, if you are so interested!
Here are some thoughts on what the Bible says about Birth and Parenting

HOME SCHOOLING It is hard to believe, but our firstborn is now school age. Our family chose to homeschool this year. Here are some of my thoughts on Homeschooling.

Additional Resouces for my Michigan friends
Just for the locals near Lenawee, Jackson and Hillsdale, and Washtenaw counties (Michigan):
Local Businesses that I Support
Local Natural Living, Birth and Baby Related Resouces