There are a lot of scary things going on when it comes to birthing and drugs. The American Academy of Pediactrics, Committee on Drugs has stated: “No drug or chemical- whether presciptioin, over-the-counter or food additive- can be regarded as having been proven to be entirely free of potential harm to the fetus.” We just don’t run tests on pregnant women and babies it is way too risky. We all know it is not wise to use drugs, so why is it not obvious NOT to use drugs during labor and delivery? The rate of drugged babies at birth in the U.S. today is about 98%. Do not be deceived, the placenta is not a barrier between mother and baby and the baby absolutely receives whatever the mother receives at a much higher level usually within one minute. If the mother weighs 140lbs and the baby weighs 7lbs., the baby can receive twenty times the effect of a drug that the mother receives” Husband-Coached Childbirth. When considering using a drug during pregnancy, be sure to weigh the benefits and the risks. Please do the research for yourself and/or take my childbirth class and learn more!

When are you actually due? Alternative Birth Services Blog has a great write up on Estimated Due Dates and good reasons NOT to be induced just because your are "past due." The Myth of EDD

Would you have medicated birth if you knew you could link it to your child having autism?

"The use of Piocin to induce or augment labors and concomitant use of epidural anesthesia has been steadily climbing for the last 20 years- about the same period that the increase in autism has been reported. Estimates of the use of Pitocin in laboring women over the last two decades range from 12%-60%. However, a 1992 survey by a medical anthropologist at the Univ. of Texas found tha 81% of women in US hospital receive Pitocin to either induce or augment labor. Epidural use is as hight as 95% in many urban hospital. When one factors in a Cesarean rate of 23% (acknowledging some overlap), the proportions of thes facts is staggering as viturually 100% of medically-managed births are subjected to a high level of pharmaceutical interventions that have never been approved for uses in fetuses. It certainly seems prudent to research the possible association with pharmaceutically-augmented labors in an attempt to discover the cause of the rising tide of autistic disorders.”

Currently the US cesarean rate is about 32%. That means literally 1 out of every 3 women delivering babies is cut open. Most women are not electing to have a Cesarean, but many women end up with an “emergency c-section.” This is all crazy and so could be prevented! The childbirth method that I am trained in has a nearly 90% spontaneous, un-medicated, vaginal birth record!

It is way too common these days to induce labor. You better think twice before you make that decision especially if you don’t want to have major abdominal surgery. This article talks about how the drug used to induce labor, Pitocin is your ticket to an “emergency cesarean.”

Here are some good websites to do some research for yourself. The average labor lasts less than 24 hours. Don’t you think your body and your baby are worth avoiding all the interventions and drug risks? For online drug info go to
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Lidocaine (professional)