Cloth Diapers

“I would have never thought it, but I have been very happy with our choice to use cloth diapers. The more we looked into it, the more we felt like it was right for us. Riese has had almost no diaper rash and very rarely does he ever have "blow outs" that I so often hear about with disposable diapers. Plus, when we first brought him home and he was so little, it just felt better to be putting cloth against his skin versus paper. Since we use a service, its hardly any extra work at all, one more load of laundry a week max. I have even convinced 3 friends (so far) to give cloth a try!” -Kirsty

“The bottom line is that choosing cloth diapers doesn't have to be a daunting prospect--it's simple, it's convenient, it's inexpensive. And it's the best choice you can make for the health of your baby, and of the planet.” The Joy of Cloth Diapers by Jane McConnell, Mothering Magazine.

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I was introduced to the idea of cloth diapers in my childbirth class before our first baby. My midwife also recommended it. I never thought it, but my husband also actually prefers cloth over disposables. We are so happy we tried them out and now we will never go back! Our girls like them, their bottoms prefer them, and they look super cute in them. Natalie actually potted trained at 23 months, which is actually common for cloth diaper babes! We have bought most of our diapers from The Little Seedling and saved so much money going with cloth. We will only continue to save as our family grows and we reuse our diapers with each child. If we do happen to use disposables for a trip or we suggest Seventh Generation diapers, go green!

How I wash my cloth diapers and wraps

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And we have some Bum Genius for our night dipes. But know that all diapers fit all kids differently, these don't work so great for our son.