Birth Stories

"There is extraordinary psychological benefit in belonging to a group of women who have positive stories to tell about their birth experiences. So many horror stories circulate about birth-which it is difficult for women to believe that labor and birth can be a beneficial experience. Birth stores told by women who were active participants in giving birth often express a good deal of practical wisdom, inspiration, and information for other women. Positive stories shared by women who have had wonderful childbirth experience are an irreplaceable way to transmit knowledge of a woman's true capacities in pregnancy and birth." Beautifully put in the Introduction to Birth Stories cahpter in her book, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Please if you have not arleady, read this book and if so inclined read some stories of some wonderful women that I know!

Here's a fun story of a my best friend's friend that even made the Seattle paper!
Juiette's birth story- By: King 5 News.

Pierson's Birth Story

Pierson's photo gallery

Alivia's birth story-October 26, 2007 By: Shelley

Alivia’s photo gallery

Natalie's birth story-March 01, 2006

Natalie's Birth photo gallery
Natalie's photo gallery

If have already read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, here are some of my students/friends birth stories...

Carson's birth story-November 25, 2008 By: Lindsay

Amelia's birth story- April 4, 2008 By: Susan

Boston's birth story- November 19, 2007 By: Jessica

Juliet's birth story- January 29, 2007 By: Liz

Katelyn's birth story By: Dan

Sullivan's birth story By: Erin

Ethan and Ella's birth stories By: Beth