Baby Stuff

Especially as a first time parent, it can be overwhelming thinking of all the STUFF you need/want for your baby. I put a list together for you to use as a quick guide to some of my favorite baby stuff that I found worthy of a registry item for baby shower gifts etc.

My Suggested Baby Stuff List

I do want to say, less is more when it comes to quality stuff, so if you can go as natural as possible and make every effort to support small business owners. Oh and don’t forget to buy local!

Before you buy, talk to your friends about “toy-swapping,” and share with each other. I have found that the babies only use certain items for such a short time it makes perfect sense to just share with friends when you are done using it (until next child of course).

I am a big re-sale, garage sale shopper when it comes to this stuff, but be aware of lead content, choking hazards and recalled toys. Visit Consumer Product Safety Commision Recalls for toy recalls. I have found stuff in great condition for really cheap!