About Shelley

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“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139: 13-16

About Me
I grew up in the Great Northwest, Spokane Washington. I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA, Interdisciplinary degree in Psychology, Communication and Women Studies. I did my internship at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, which is where my passion for life was ignited. My husband and I met at college, married right after graduation and moved to Orlando, Florida where he studied for his master’s degree and I worked with pregnant women and families. During this time I earned my certification as a birth and post partum Doula. After graduation, expecting our first child, we moved to Michigan where we served for five years. All three of our children were born in the Midwest. We moved to the Eastcoast, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2010, which is now our home.

I AM A: Child of God*Wife*Mother*Sister*Daughter*Christian*Friend*Homemaker*Childbirth Educator*Doula*World Traveler*Homebirther*Photographer*Pacific Islander*Crafter*Cook*Cloth Diaperer*Obsessive Organizer*Water Birther*Writer*Homeschooler*Tea Drinker*Lover of the Outdoors*Food Critic*Thrift Shopper*Vintage Seeker*DIY(Do it yourselfer)*Party Planner*Coffee Lover* Organic*Entertainer*Disciple*Community Builder*Breastfeeder*Movie Buff*Health & Fitness Exerciser*Deal Finder*Baby Wearer*Eco Friend*Birth Advocate*

My Training
-I started my own small business: A Time to be Born, LLC providing childbirth classes and handmade gifts in 2009.
-I was trained and certified through the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth (AAHCC) the Bradley Method® as a childbirth teacher in 2008.
-I was trained and certified through Childbirth Enhancement Foundation as a Doula or professional labor assistant in 2004.
-I have attended dozens of births witnessing completely natural childbirth, births with all sorts of interventions, and cesarean surgeries.
-I did early intervention with families with developmentally delayed children ages birth to three as a Case Manager for The Developmental Center of Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL.
-As a social worker I worked with pregnant women as the Pregnancy Counselor for Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency in Orlando, FL.
-I worked with pregnant women at a crisis pregnancy center, now Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic in Bellingham, WA.

My Experience
Of course I have my personal birth experiences as well as the dozens of births that I have attended. My Doula and teacher training were both very intensive and extensive. It is a true privlege to be a part of the birthing community. I am getting great feedback, truly enjoying teaching, and I am so thankful for all of the families I have and will work with.

Read about me in a small MI newspaper!I am always happy when natural birth gets some publicity!

About My Family
I am married to an amazing man, husband and father, Will Snyder. We have three very different Birth Stories and we are not sure if there will be a fouth? We took Bradley Method® classes in Ann Arbor, MI and planned for a natural birth with a certified midwife at Mothers Own Birth Center in Temperance, Michigan. After over 24 hours of laboring at home and the birth center,a posterior baby not wanting to come out, we disappointedly decided to transport to the Toledo Hospital, get the necessary interventions, and there Natalie Ann Louise was born on 3/1/06. When Natalie was 10 months old, although nursing a lot and my cycle had not returned, we conceived our second child. We were very pleased with our midwife so we decided to work with her again and plan a homebirth this time. Alivia Jane was born 10/26/07 via a water birth in a birthing tub right in our living room after less than 8 hours of labor! It was one of the most thrilling and incredible (a little painful) experiences I and our family has ever had! When Alivia turned two, we starting trying for our third child. Unlike my first two pregnancies, I had a very difficult pregnancy physically, and a labor and birth that was very challenging and a lot of hard work. It was also difficult being pregnant with two toddlers but obviously it was all so worth it. Pierson Allen "Pierce" was born at home on the birthing stool the 29th of June 2010 with our same wonderful midwife, Linda Johnson.

I have learned so many lessons as a parent. I have been thinking and blogging some of my thoughts and lessons. It has been a while since I have actually written out any of my thoughts, sorry. Maybe you can relate, be encouraged, or just laugh at/with me in My Mommy Blog! Or visit some REAL Bloggers like my sister-in-law's blog 8 Lil Hens, OR this inspiring woman's Passionate Homemaking, OR for some encouragement from The Gospel Coalition, OR find more info from Mary's Owl Haven, OR just be reminded to Walk Slowly Live Wildly. And then there is Pinterest where you can go crazy with ideas!

Becoming a family of five has truly changed my life! We have had lots of challenges and lot of laughs. My friends and family have shared a few laughs with me. If you are in the mood to laugh then read on!

My sister-in-law emailed me this worth reading article. Seriously, spoken by a true mother! Why Don't Friends With Kids Have Time? I laughed outloud from this email my friend sent me. If your husband ever wonders what you do all day while he is at work-go ahead laugh it up! A Husbands Worst Nightmare My Auntie sent me this one and now that I have three kids I can appreciate it and crack a smile from it too. Progressions of Motherhood My cousin who was also born in the 70's got a kick out of this one. It scares me to think about what my kids will get to or rather not get to do as they grow up. Kids born & lived through the 1930's-70's

I had a photographer friend do a birth series for me when I was pregnant with Alivia. 1mo photos by Susan K. photo galleryBaby #2 Birth series by Susan Kennard photo galleryWe did maternity pregnancy and belly shots, she was at my birth and captured a few photos from that, and then she came and took some newborn pictures. This is a fun way to capture the memories of the different phases of this very special time in life. Baby #3 Birth Journey by Jessica Kristy Photography. Then one of my LLL friends, a Bradley student of mine, and amazing photographer Jess of Jessica Kristy Photography did an amazing photo journey through my third pregnancy. She and her camera walked through my this special time with us capturing many maternity shots. She along with many other supportive women in my life were at my Blessingway (which is a unique way to honor the mother and a special way to celebrate whatever your style). Jess was a member of my birth team, so she took some pictures of us at prenatal visits. As my birth photographer she did an incredible job depicting the rawness, the intensity, the thrill, and deepest joy that comes in natural birth and bringing new life into the world. Pierce’s birth was possibly the hardest thing I have ever experienced thus far in life, and I feel the pain even now when I look at my birth pictures-that is how good Jess’ photos are! Then we completed the series with newborn photos and our new family of five! Thanks Jess! When are you coming out to visit us in PA to do some updated photos of my growing children!?!

Doula and Photography Services
*I am a certified Doula both for birth and post partum care. I love to attend births and support laboring women and their husbands through the birthing process. I have attended many births and I have seen a wide variety of circumstances from home birth to cesarean surgery and most of the in between. Currently, I am at a place in life where my three young children are highly demanding of nearly all my time (homeschooling and nursing). We don't live near family, so unfortunately I can't call Nanny for on call childcare, but I am mentoring a young doula who has committed to be my doula babysitter! This means I am starting to take on doula clients now that I have the flexibility to commit to being “on-call 24/7” to attend births. So, I am providing Doula services to Chester County and Paoli Hospitals as well as the birth centers. Despite my current travel limits if I can't be your doula, I highly recommend you research and Google to find a Doula to attend your birth and provide you with post partum support. You can check My Local Resource Guide for some options or contact me for some names.

“My labor assistant was my friend, my strength, my shield, my teacher, and, most of all, my anchor in a sea of confusion, pain and fatigue. She was to me what a lighthouse was to a ship, a gentle guide showing you your destination and helping you avoid unnecessary hazards.” –A Mother, Special Women The Role of the Professional Labor Assistant by Paulina Perez & Cheryl Snedeker

I was blessed with the opportunity to Doula and photograph one of my Seattle best friend’s births, her first Riese Douglas. She had an ultrasound done 1 week prior to her due date that estimated the baby to weigh up to 11 pounds, with that in mind though against my preference she took her doctor’s advice and chose to schedule a cesarean surgery. They were at peace that it was the right choice for their family. We were living in Michigan and I was only in Seattle for a short time so the scheduled C-section guaranteed that I could be there. That part made me very happy. The surgery went well. While recovering within the first hours of life, Riese happily latched on (with my help and support) and he had no problems breastfeeding!

Riese was not the estimated 11 pounds, but he was a good sized boy weighing 9 pounds 9 ounces. Although the process of a surgical delivery is much different than a spontaneous vaginal labor and birth I was able to capture some special moments on film as my friends became parents. How precious is the gift of life! I caught the first time they saw and heard him, the first time his dad held him, mom's first touched of him, and my favorite- the first time mama held him in her arms. Riese’s Birth photo gallery

Here I am with a friend, Erin waiting with Kirsty (and Nick) getting ready to go into the Operating Room for the delivery of thier baby.

I do want to let you know that Kirsty had a successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) with her second son Peyton born 19 months after Riese, weighing in at 9 pounds 14 ounces! Go girl! Seriously YOU CAN DO IT!!! Check out VBAC.com a women-centered, evidence-based resource. Now the boys are a little older and you have to take a moment to check out Kirsty's awesome designer jewelry at Lucia K Jewelry

*I am an aspiring photographer and I love to take pictures. If you want photos of your birth it is ideal to assign this job to someone specific other than your husband coach or a nurse. I learned this through my own experiences. Moments like the first time you see your baby are memories you want to capture and keep forever. Eventually I plan to offer birth photography as a service. I also have a special interest in maternity (pregnancy/belly) photography and I enjoy taking pictures of children. For now, you can visit mybirthteam.com to find a photographer near you.

I look forward to providing Doula and Photography services to you in the future!