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No time to blog

Wow, it has been well over a year since I have blogged out my mommy thoughts. Ugh. If only there were more time. Oh well, I have accepted that I can not do it and that is okay.

Shopping Therapy

So the girls have been giving me a hard time lately so as any woman would (right?!), I decided to go shopping and buy myself a few things to try and make myself feel better. I bought…

Alivia 28mo. Nat is 4!!!

The girls are growing up so fast. I am in awe at the things Alivia says and does already at 2. She learns so much from Natalie, who is a very good big sister. Although lately she has moved into the lying phase and blames nearly everything on her sister. I hear, “Sissy did it,” a profound amount of times a day! We are trying to teach her to take responsibility for her own actions and to set an example for others especially her sister who so keenly looks up to her.

Varicose Vein Remedy?

A friend of mine suggested “Assume a Different Pose” The aceient system of yoga has much to offer sufferers of varicose veins, says John Clarke, M.D., a cardiologist with the Himalayan International Institute. This yogic breathing practice can be done without instruction, without danger, and with a good chance that your discomfort from varicose veins will be relieved, claims the doctor. Try this exercise right now. Lie flat on your back and prop your feet up on a chair. Breathe slowly and evenly from your diaphragm, through your nose. That’s it!

Belly Bubbles

Just of recent, if I am paying close attention I can feel little tiny bubbles popping in my belly. Looks like this baby is gaining some strength and exercising it’s muscles. I can’t wait for it to really kick and summersault so the girls can feel it and we can watch waves roll across my belly. Being pregnant is such an amazing thing. Crazy that another person is growing in my belly. Too bad my varicose veins are killing me and my legs ache terribly. Oh well the good with the bad.

V8 Fusion Juice

So I figured that we have a hard enough time as it is getting Alivia to eat that we’d try the V8 juice. It has a serving of juice and vegetables in each cup! Lots of yummy flavors, natural and though a bit expensive its good stuff. Our whole family loves it. One of my favorite snacks is to freeze a cup of it for a couple hours and then eat it with a spoon as a slush. It will make good popsicles this summer too. Try it.

Playdough Recipe

The girls and I made Playdough today. Easy and fun!
2 c flour
½ c salt
3 t cream of tartar
2 T vegetable oil
2 c water (mixed with food coloring)
Cook in pan over medium heat until it feels like mashed potatoes. Let cool, knead, store in air tight container and have fun playing!

Two or Four Tantrums?

It is easy to forget just how “terrible twos” can be when the kids are not acting out. I know that it is primarily developmental for a two-year-old to press boundaries to figure out where the lines are, express self as vocabulary increases and have a hard time controlling oneself, but boy is it exhausting. Alivia is in full swing and not only is she testing her boundaries, but I am being tested.

A boy or a girl?

Now 16 weeks pregnant (with #3). That means our little babe is in rapid growth stage, eyes are beginning movement under closed lids. My blood continues to increase in volume. The baby's heart is already pumping 25 quarts a day and continues increasing. I have a little baby bumb now and am getting ready to transfer normal clothes to the basement and pull out the maternity clothes. A week later… Now 17 weeks and go to hear that little heart pounding strong! Midwife visit went well. We praise God for this little life in my belly. We think we have our names picked out!


I have to stop myself when I start comparing my kids to others (older or younger). Sometime ago my friend’s daughter sang the ABC song for the table of us and then at her 3 year birthday party told us all when her exact birthday was. I thought to myself, hmm I have a nearly 4 year old and she doesn’t know either of those things. What kind of a mom am I that I have not worked on these things with her? So inspired, if you will, we got out a letter book and for weeks have been going over the alphabet.

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